Belle Delphine

Ghost K1 - Belle Delphine Edition

The keyboard of your dreams is now here with Belle Delphine! Get the ultimate pink keyboard to bring out your ideal aesthetic to the game. 


Ghost M1 - Belle Delphine Edition

The Ghost M1 Belle edition is a super lightweight mouse that weighs in just under 65 grams. With less weight, you can move your mouse quicker and more accurately to ensure precision perfect performance.


Ghost K1 Combo - Belle Delphine (Limited Edition)

Ghost has collaborated with Belle Delphine to give you the most vital keyboard and mouse on the market. PRE-ORDER BONUS All combos get a one of a kind polaroid picture of Belle, taken and signed by her just for you. We also include six vinyl stickers of your favourite Belle characters. 


Ghost P2 - Belle Delphine Edition

Rest your wrist on the Belle Delphine's super soft mousepad. Never again deal with wrist fatigue as Belle will help you keep your wrist comfortable for hours. It may not be machine washable but it can take any kind of spill like a champ.


Ghost P1 - Belle Delphine Edition

This extra-large mousepad ensures you never run out of space while gaming. This mousepad includes Full RGB and a 15-Watt Qi wireless charger.


Ghost C1 - Belle Delphine Edition

A Pink Coiled Cable that plugs into any keyboard with a USB Type-C Port. This Cable comes with two parts.


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Belle Delphine